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    To make this magnificent Candy holder, you will need:

    - glue
    - a stapler
    - card
    - cotton
    - brown self-adhesive fabric
    - white paper
    - gold braid
    - french fries container made of card

  • Get a French fries container in card from a fast food restaurant (e.g Mac Donald’s or Burger King). Cover it with the brown, self-adhesive fabric (you may also paint it with acrylic paint).
    Next, edge the top of the container with the gold braid. You’ve just made Santa Claus’ sack!

  • Click here to download PDF file

    Please, click on the icon above to download the picture (PDF file).

    Print the picture of Santa Claus on the white paper and color it in carefully (with colored pencils, felt tip pens or acrylic paint).

  • Glue the drawing onto card, and cut around the outline of Santa Claus.
    Then glue the cotton on the parts left in white.
    Now all you have to do is glue Santa Claus onto the decorated French fries container!

  • And it’s finished! Pretty neat, isn’t it?
    You can fill the 'sack' with candy, nuts painted gold, mini Christmas decorations etc.
    So get playing!

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