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Visit Santa's workshop and discover tons of games!

Welcome to Santa’s workshop! Here, you can already feel a Christmas atmosphere until the long-expected day arrives! Make yourself at home; go visit the nooks and crannies of this strange yet so welcoming house.

In the living room, you will find an advent calendar, read Christmas tales and decorate the Christmas tree. And look closely… near the tree is a small door that will take you to a fun place where one of Santa’s friends awaits…

Go upstairs if you want to visit Santa’s office and see what happens to all the letters that he receives. And maybe from this magical place you will be able to send your own letter to one of your friends! You can also take the elevator to go to the playroom, the elves’ workshops and the garden to make a fantastic snowman!

Santa and his friends left many games and surprises in each of the rooms of this magic workshop. Go around, find them and have fun!

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