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    To make this magnificent Santa Claus table place card, you will need:

    - Green, red and white drawing paper
    - Cardboard for the stencil
    - Glue
    - A pair of round-tipped scissors
    - Coloring pencils or felt tip pens

  • Cut out a 4 inch x 3.5 inch rectangle in the sheet of green paper and fold it in two.

  • On a white sheet, trace out just the outline of Santa Claus, using shape N°1 on the stencil (following page) to help you.

  • Click here to download the PDF file

    Please, click on the icon above to download the PDF document.

    Print out the page on stiff paper, and cut out the parts in black to make your stencil.

  • On a red sheet of paper, trace the outline of Santa Claus’ clothes, using shape N°2 on the stencil as a guide.

  • Cut out the red clothes and stick them onto the white figure, as shown in the guide.

  • Draw in Santa Claus’ face and color in his shoes.

  • Glue Santa Claus to the top of the folded card so that he sticks out a little beyond the edge.

  • And there you have it... a wonderful table place card!
    Make as many as you have dinner guests for and write each person’s name down on one in white or gold pencil. That’s going to make for one fine Christmas dinner table!

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