The Elves’ Quiz | 15 Questions To Test Your Brain

Oh! Oh! Oh! Have you been a good boy or girl?
To wait until Christmas Day, try to answer these 15 Quiz Questions!

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Can You Answer These 15 Quiz Questions?

You surely know Santa Claus very well, maybe you’ve already met him in a snowy forest, at the foot of your fireplace or in your wildest dreams!
But you also probably know that Christmas wouldn’t be as wonderful if he had to prepare everything by himself. In fact, Santa Claus is always helped, of course, by Mrs. Claus, his faithful companion and his reindeer, without which he couldn’t travel from one place to the next with his heavy load as quickly.
But he’s also assisted by several little beings, often very hard-working and sometimes particularly mischievous, which prepare the packages, look after the reindeer or organise Santa Claus’s extraordinary tours.
Do you know what these little creatures so essential to Santa Claus are called? Yes, they’re elves!

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