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Grab the Cheese and beware of Cats!

Christmas is a time to enjoy sweet wrapped candies, tasty cookies, sublime chocolates, all sorts of new and delicate foods, unusual treats and rare foods. However, for some, there is only one treat regardless of the place or the time of the year: cheese!

Here you are now as a little mouse, and like any self-respecting mouse, you’re quite voracious! Your one and only goal is to get as much pieces of cheese as possible whenever they appear in the board! Yes, they look quite yummy and your pointy nose wants to eat them all! And for that, just slide on the piece of cheese that you’d like to eat and it will disappear inside your gluttony mouse mouth.

Beware of the cats! Their one and only goal is to catch you! And behind their feline smiles, they are quite ferocious! There will be increasingly more of them trying to catch you! Try to edge your way between them and don’t get caught if you want to grab that piece of delicious cheese.

Be very careful: if a cat catches you, it’s game over!

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