Santa Claus' Reindeer

Oh! Oh! Oh! Have you been a good boy or girl? To wait until Christmas Day, try this Game!

Help Santa to catch all his reindeer!

Santa Claus’s reindeer aren’t always very obedient. Sometimes, like at the moment, they wander and roam here and there around Santa’s workshop.

Santa is annoyed and risks getting angry... Because no reindeer, no sleigh... And no sleigh means no delivery of presents for all of the impatiently waiting children!

Luckily you’re there! And you’ll certainly be able to help Santa catch all the reindeer in time so he can set off to deliver the parcels on the 25th of December!

To do this, you’ll have to pay attention and be reactive; the reindeer are quick and mischievous! They appear and disappear very quickly! You must catch them by touching them with the help of the magic wandwith just a touch of your finger, as soon as they appear, to send them back to Santa.

But careful! You must pass 5 levels to recover all the reindeer! But what satisfaction to know that afterwards they’ll be able to hit the road to bring joy to the world!

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