Christmas Ball Chain

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Shoot the same coloured balls to make them disappear!

Santa's Elves are naughty pranksters always ready to play a good joke on their comrades (and Santa Claus)! They have pilfered all the Christmas baubles of the house to create a giant garland and have dragged it into the snow-covered garden, in a swirling and sparkling dance! Help Santa to get his Christmas decorations back by playing this little online game!
Playing is very simple: shoot new Christmas balls on to the garland by aiming at the ones with the same colour... When you form a chain of at least three identical balls, they will then disappear from the garland. When there is no longer a single Christmas ball, the level has been won! But be careful, you will have to demonstrate dexterity and speed: if the colourful chain reaches the hole dug in the snow, then you've lost, and you'll have to start again! The game has 13 different levels with increasing difficulty... Good luck!

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