Christmas Bounce Game

Bounce Christmas balls (and bombs) on the pillow!

What’s happening in Santa Claus’s living room? The Christmas decorations seem to have gone mad! They’re flying around the room and risk smashing on the floor at any moment! What will the Christmas tree look like if all the decorations are in pieces? With a lack of colour and light the festive period risks being very gloomy.

Luckily your skill can change all that! Equipped with a little red cushion, you can make sure to cushion the fall of the colourful Christmas decorations. You just need to move the cushion so they can gently bounce off them thus preventing them from breaking into a thousand pieces!

But careful! You’ll have to be quick so as not to let the decorations smash onto the floor!

And you’ll also have to pay close attention to spot the bombs falling among them too! So, keep your eyes open and move the little cushion to stop something falling that risks being explosive!

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