Santa’ s Christmas Quiz

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Are you ready to test your Christmas knowledge?

You can’t wait for Christmas can you? If you close your eyes, you can probably imagine a perfect Christmas, full of colours, lights and joyful music. In your head huge colourful fairy lights are already flickering and you hear the notes of a well-known song gently swell while the first shiny snowflakes delicately fall.
Maybe you’re also dreaming of pretty packages, of all shapes and colours, at the foot of the Christmas tree... But in fact, what is this tinsel-covered Christmas tree called? Do you know? Close your eyes again a little and imagine the great man dressed in red that flies across the sky at top speed to reach your house… How does he travel? By train? By plane?
If you already know everything or if you want to know everything about Christmas, you’re in the right place! This Christmas quiz is made for you! And if you want to pit yourself against your friends, don’t hesitate to challenge them at the end of the game by clicking on the Facebook share button!

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