Soccer Juggling Challenge

Try to do as many keepie-uppies as possible without dropping the ball!

Have fun keeping the ball in the air as much as possible in this online football game! Careful not to drop the ball!

You like playing with a ball and you think you’re skilful enough to do lots of keepie-uppies like a real football star? Nothing like mastered juggling to impress your team mates but more importantly your opponents!

You probably know that that you need a lot of skill and really good balance to juggle like a pro on the field. Here you’ll need a certain amount of focus and a lot of speed to be able to keep control of the ball and not let it escape! Don’t lose sight of the ball and click/tap on the ball to do as many keepie-uppies in a row as you can!

Whether you’re a real pro, passionate about football or other ball sports, whether you just want to practise or you’ve just come to have fun, this game is made for you and there’s only one goal: enjoy yourself! So go for it! It’s down to you to do as many keepie-uppies as you can with the ball ensuring that you never let it fall to the floor!

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