Matching Prints Game

Move the colored pieces on the corresponding prints!

Winter is coming and will soon cover our paths and our roads. If you’ve been lucky enough to walk on snow, you’ve certainly left your footprints on the large white empty area. Have you also tried to put your hand prints in the snow? And maybe, after you accidentally fell on the snow, have you left the print of your entire body on the snow?

So you know what a print looks like, and thanks to that snowy adventure, you now know how to play to this fun little game.

The goal is to find the print that matches each of the pieces above. All of them play an important role to the success of a Christmas party, and we’re counting on you to put the pieces back in their rightful place.

Take your time and watch the shape of each of them. Are they rounded or squared? Long or wide? Irregularly or regularly shaped? If you think you’re onto something, click the piece and drag it to the matching print. A wonderful Christmas night will appear once they’ve all been returned to their place.

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