Santa’s Jigsaw Puzzle

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Move the pieces to solve the puzzle!

The Christmas season rhymes with magical landscapes. Close your eyes, and you can already picture snowy winding roads between nicely-decorated pretty little houses and tall Christmas trees twinkling under the full moon! Are you imaginative enough to see all of these in your dreams? Try to focus a little more, and you will even see a glimpse of the tantalizing presents under the decorated trees… big gift boxes decorated with ribbons… can you see them?

What would happen if a naughty wind knocked down all of these enchanting landscapes? What would happen if nothing was in its place anymore? The trees, the roads, even the houses: they will be all moved around! How would Santa find his way if the landscape was broken, the houses scattered, and the Christmas trees split up? How would he deliver the presents with such a mess?

And sadly that’s exactly what happened to our pretty Christmas landscape, which has been scattered into 36 pieces of jigsaw puzzle.

Santa needs you to restore order and harmony! Do you agree to help him put everything in this pretty Christmas scenery in its right place?

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