Musical Christmas wreath

Watch the musical sequence carefully and try to reproduce it!

Music is highly present at Christmas time and everywhere, in the streets, shops and markets, in homes, schools and gardens joyful bells toll, cheerful choirs sing, impatient children hum or intoxicating melodies ring out!

You probably know a lot of Christmas carols and maybe you can also play a musical instrument. The piano? The violin? The guitar? In Father Christmas’s house, a funny instrument is playing music: a Christmas Wreath with four baubles that each produce different colours and sounds. But this impish wreath doesn’t want to play alone! It’s waiting for you to show it what sounds you have to play and expects you to reproduce them carefully!

Watch the colours that light up attentively and listen to the order of the sounds suggested. Then it’s your turn to try to reproduce the musical sequence in the right order.

It’s up to you to make the Christmas wreath sing!

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