Spot the 7 Differences

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Can you spot the 7 differences?

Christmas is a special event where children and adults alike marvel at the glittering decorations, the imposing Christmas trees decorated with brightly lit tinsels, the gleaming shops, the Christmas markets and their infinite treasures, all the celebrations and so on.

Christmas also represents the joys of families getting together, sharing delicious meals, exchanging gifts, relaxing and having fun with board games or outdoor games. And here’s a little game that will delight everyone for the holiday season: Spot the 7 Differences game!

This online game has a very simple premise: you must find the 7 differences between two side-by-side images. And because time is limited, you must click on a difference as soon as you find one! But beware! Don’t be wrong, as each error will reduce your time by 10 seconds! And you lose when the countdown reaches zero! But don’t worry, all you have to do is click the “Restart” button and you’ll be given another chance!

If you can find the 7 differences in less than 180 seconds, you will advance to the next image. There are 4 levels in total, and the game becomes harder when your level increases. To win, you must be smart and fast. You can also ask a friend or a family member for help. Don’t waste any more time and have fun!

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