The Falling Blocks (TETRIS)

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Stack the bricks to form full lines!

Christmas is near, are you already dreaming of stacking the boxes of presents? You need to be a bit more patient before the gift boxes appear near the Christmas tree, inside your little shoes or in front of the fireplace!

Until then, what if you train to stack boxes falling from the sky? That’s exactly what this game does: it has colored pieces of various shapes falling from above without interruption, and they need to be correctly positioned and stacked!

This game will require you to pay attention to the falling colored bricks and to try to stack them up in order to form full lines. Every time you manage to make a full line, all the bricks of the line disappear and give you room for new bricks. You can use the arrow keys to rotate the bricks while they fall, so that you can arrange them and stack them together perfectly. Just make sure to do it before they hit the ground! And to allow you to think in advance, the next brick is shown on a small box on the right side of the screen.

So pay attention! If you are fast and smart, you will be able to stack more bricks, form more lines and earn more points!

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