The train puzzle

Uh-oh... It seems like there's a good chance of there being a little accident in the middle of these green hills! Look carefully at the tracks on which this pretty little colourful train is trundling along. A big grey stone is in the way! If the little train is in too much of a hurry or if it doesn’t see it, what will happen?

Press start and look at the animation...

If the little train needs a good mechanic, will you help it? To do so, you have to put the red, yellow, white and blue parts scattered over the tracks in the right order on the base of the locomotive.

Warning! Don’t mix the colours up otherwise the little train won’t be able to set off again! If you don’t remember the order of the coloured parts before the accident, you can look at the model at the bottom of the screen!

It’s up to you to summon your skills as a colour and mechanics expert to repair the little train! It’ll thank you with its famous Choo-choo!

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