The truck puzzle

In this pretty very sunny street, it looks like someone's planning to move! Or maybe there's a delivery of very big presents that are too heavy and bulky for Santa Claus's sack or sleigh?

Big yellow, red, blue and green parcels are still on the floor, in the road, in front of the truck that can’t be on its way without its precious delivery! It seems that it needs help... It's probably waiting for a very strong assistant who's also a leading expert on colours!

Can you help it by loading the truck?

This means putting the parcels on the wooden trailer, carefully respecting the colours indicated for each of them.

If the coloured cubes are not put in the vehicle in the right order, it won’t be able to leave. But if you locate the colours properly and manage to load the parcels correctly, the truck will be able to take off at full throttle in a cloud of smoke and delivery this mysterious cargo in time!

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