Christmas Word Search Puzzle

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Find the hidden words in the grid!

Christmas reminds us of music and happy tunes, and the enchanted holiday brings to our minds the same magic words: sleigh, tree, pies, presents… Upon hearing these words, each of us think immediately of Christmas and smile to the angels or gaze upon the stars…

But when the letters that form these words are mixed with others and make them fade away, what remains of these words? The magic is gone, the lights are put out. There’s no dream, no music, the letters are just letters, scattered in a dull and silent place.

Will you help us return the spirit of Christmas, make the tinsels twinkle again, relight the candles, make the logs burn in the fireplace again, smell the scents and find the musical notes? Are you up for disentangle the entangled words?

Can you find the 22 words hidden in this grid, spelled vertically (from top to bottom) or horizontally (from left to right)? Once you’ve found one of these magical words, just click on the first letter and drag your mouse to the last letter to select it.

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