The Story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears

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and The Three Bears

The Three Bears

Once upon a time there was a family of bears who lived beside a forest in a little cottage. Daddy Bear was big, Mummy Bear was in between-sized, and Baby Bear was small.
One sunny day, they were waiting for the hot porridge that they’d poured into their bowls to cool down. They decided to go off on a walk to pass the time. They weren't worried about burglars so they left the door of the cottage wide open.
On that very same day, Goldilocks, a little girl with golden, curly hair, was strolling in the woods, enjoying the warmth of the sun. The path led her right up to the Bear family’s cottage.
"I wonder who could live here?" she asked herself. As the door was wide open, and she was an extremely curious little girl, she went inside!

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