The carol singers - A Children's Christmas Story

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Every Christmas Eve, Rob, Fred and Micky sing in front of all the inhabitants of the ice pack.

However, on this particular Christmas Eve morning, Micky gets up and starts to sneeze. In return, they get a golden star to attach to the Christmas tree.

"You’ll have to sing without me tonight" he said, his voice all hoarse.

"Oh no!" replied his friends, we can’t do that!" But then again, it would be terribly sad for the inhabitants of the ice cap if they couldn’t have their Christmas carols this year!

They had to find a solution to cure Micky, and quickly! The three friends went to see doctor Lolo. He sighed: "There’s only one way we can cure this in such a short time..."

"How?" cried Rob and Fred as one, as Micky gave yet another sneeze, burying his beak in his handkerchief.

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