Mrs Smith’s Wonderful Christmas Eve

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Mrs. Smith is feeling a little sad. This year, she’s going to be on her own for Christmas. Her daughter and grandchildren live too far away from her to come and stay.

Too bad! That won’t stop Mrs. Smith from cooking herself up a fine meal!

But the wood’s wet and the fire won’t light.

To cheer herself up, Mrs. Smith serves herself a glass of milk. The cat leaps at it and knocks the glass over.

Mrs. Smith trips, falls and twists her little finger. Just nothing is going right today! Mrs.

Smith feels rather down.

Seated in her armchair, she closes her eyes and in her imagination, she sees her daughter again, with her golden, curly hair.

When she was very small, she used to tickle her ear and whisper: "I love you mummy!" to her. Those were such happy times, back then!

Mrs. Smith dozes off, dreaming of her. She sleeps so soundly that she doesn’t even hear the strange sounds that suddenly echo around his home.

There’s scurrying and hurrying, slipping and sliding, creaking... then whispers...

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