Find The Difference Game #2

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Watch these 2 images closely and spot the difference!

Christmas is coming soon, the snowflakes will fall and snow will cover the mountains. It will make snowmen and draw sled tracks for the kids. Oh, and it will also draw the path that Santa’s sleigh will take!

It will be great to put on boots, hat, gloves and scarf and go run under the falling snow! Look at the pictures, the kids look so happy that an elf took their picture. But we all know how mischievous elves can be, and it appears that the two pictures below are not the same…

Look at them attentively. Even though these images seem similar, there are 7 differences between them. Do you want to find them as fast as possible? You have only 3 minutes to spot the 7 differences between these 2 pictures. When you have found a difference, just click on it on one of the images with your mouse, or touch it with your finger, to mark it.

Be very careful, focus on the game and don’t click or touch randomly, because each mistake will cost you ten seconds!

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